At chaiiwala® we want to give our customers the best experience in all our stores from the second they walk in to the moment they leave.
We’re looking for team members who are passionate about making that happen who are confident, willing to learn and have a professional attitude.

What will chaiiwala® do for you?

We provide excellent training to all our staff members, so you feel confident talking to customers, using the equipment and in every aspect of your daily chaiiwala® duties. We also know that the happiest staff members are the ones who perform best, and that’s why we offer employment pension schemes, holiday pay, free shift meals, flexible working hours and career progression.

Job responsibilities

  • Provide excellent service and customer experience
  • Have a friendly attitude
  • Maintain a clean store environment
  • Be willing to learn and adapt to different situations

How to apply
Apply today by filling in the form below