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About The chaiiwala® Foundation
Empowering and championing communities across the world

The chaiiwala® Foundation is one of our most exciting new projects. Every single day, we are grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to us and all the small things that may seem insignificant to us and we take for granted. At the same time, we also think about those across the world who have not been given the same privileges. chaiiwala® was created as part of our desire to give back to communities across the world. We are proud to announce the launch of the chaiiwala® Foundation which will work across the world trying to make a difference where we can. As an inclusive company we pride ourselves on our culture which promotes and champions every community regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, disability, age, or religion.

The chaiiwala® Foundation will continue this open culture by supporting as many different projects as possible.Please continue to check our News page for regular updates on how the chaiiwala® Foundation is helping to empower and champion communities across the world.