chaiiwala® was established 2015 – A small tea shop, serving Desi food and drink. since then we’ve grown – and with our newfound expansion comes our brand-new website!

We’re proud to present our new site, perfectly blended by Seventy Nine.

With our new site comes new features:

Check out our story – see how we’ve grown as a business thanks to our amazing customer base. From 2015 to 2017, and hopefully beyond!

We’ve also got a store locator, so wherever you decided to go in the UK, you can find your local chaiiwala® for breakfast, lunch or dessert.

Speaking of food…we’ve also provided you with a full menu of our dishes and any allergen details. Check it out for more information on the dishes you love.

We’ve also added a career section. With every expansion comes more opportunity and at chaiiwala® we’re looking to build a sense of community. Our jobs aren’t just jobs, they are career opportunities to develop and progress into further roles.

We’re no longer just looking to employ people for our stores, but we’re also looking to hire people for our head office team. Look at what opportunities we have available at the moment.

Our other new ventures…

Introducing to you chaiiwala® Events! Corporate events, weddings, parties or anything else – we provide urns of hot drinks and platters of many of our menu items.

What’s more, we also provide personalised cups – so whatever event you have, we can put your name or brand next to ours.

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