It is one of the most iconic meals around in street food, and Chaiiwala has just given it our very own twist like only we can!

The Kebab Roll has been the staple diet of food lovers for decades – which means we had to put it on the menu especially as the leading British Asian fast casual dining brand.

Beautifully mince chicken seekh has been infused with aromatic spices to give that authentic taste. The spice of the kebab is cooled with a mint yoghurt chutney and everything is perfectly wrapped in our signature paratha to give the unique flavour when you take a bite.

For street food lovers – the new addition to the Chaiiwala® menu is sure to hit the spot.

And the best bit? The Chaiiwala® take on this famous Hyderabadi dish can be washed down perfectly with our signature Karak Chaiis or Summer Coolers.

A spokesman for Chaiiwala® said: “As part of our new product range, the Kebab Roll has been mentioned in various focus groups we run with our customers.

“It made sense to give it the Chaiiwala twist as it fits perfectly within our street food range. We trialled the product in a few stores and the response has been phenomenal.

“It feels like a natural addition to our menu and we are delighted to add it to the menu.”

The Kebab Roll is part of the new Chaiiwala product range to be launched over the next few months including drinks and street food.

Ready to tuck in? The Kebab Roll is available in stores throughout the UK now.